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Bee Good Plot Competition

The children were very keen to learn about bees and planting to complete the RCCE Growing Communities Bee Good Competition. Although we have a very limited area to work in we were able to create a small plot using baskets and containers for planting seeds and we keenly watched the plants grow to full bloom, to ensure that in the year 2022 and going forward each year our Bees have a bountiful surprise waiting for them. The plot bloomed and displayed wonderful colours and smells ideal for sensory play and wellbeing. The children kept a diary and when completed it was entered into the competition. We were absolutely delighted to receive the Runner Up prize. Well done to all the children who did an amazing job!

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Growing Communities


GC asked all our busy bee helpers to create a bee haven for our little buzzy friends to feed, live and prosper. The children were asked to keep a Bee Good Diary of the plots creation from beginning to full bloom. What a splendid job they did. The judges were very impressed with their ability to make good use of such a small space. We won a Bee Good House, Kings Seeds Annual Bee Mix and a Bee Book. We are now looking forward to creating a new bee haven for 2023.

Baskets of Blooms


The children planted their seedlings in various baskets in our small outside area and watched them grow into beautiful colourful and fragrant blooms. We had plenty of bee visitors that made us very happy.

Wildflower Seeds


Our wildflower seed containers blossomed and attracted lots of graceful butterflies as well as bees. From tiny seeds we created a wonderful array of blooms. The children were very good at feeding and watering the plants to keep them thriving throughout the hot summer days.

On the Vine Tomatoes


As well as flowers the children grew their own tomatoes, runner beans, lettuces and strawberries. They all had great fun picking their own produce and consuming it. The strawberries went down particularly well!

Can you name the Flowers in this basket?


The children used books to identify the flowers they had planted. They all had their favourite plants and colours. Which flowers do you recognise and what is your favourite colour?

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